Thursday, June 25, 2009


I... am Alex.
This is old news. At least to me, and who I'd hope would actually read this blog thing. It's past 11, I have a doctor's appointment at noon, I haven't really slept at all for quite awhile...
And yet for some reason I don't seem tired enough to just crash yet.
I'm gonna go for a walk soon! Maybe a long one, or maybe just one to the 7/11 and back. But only if I dig up enough change to buy a beverage.
Said beverage will keep me awake longer, I think.
I've been playing KOTOR off and on and now I only have a few short hours left to put into it; less if I spam Force Storm rather than melee.
I could really use a game to catch and hold my interest for an extended period of time. I know there's going to be a new Star Wars MMO coming out, but it's really not something I'm holding my breath for. I was more of a Marvel Comics geek when I was a kid.
Nothing against Star Wars geeks.
I just think jedi are boring.
Either way, it's looking like I may play it just to try it out and play with a couple guys I know in Europe, but knowing how MMOs are, you never know.
I really don't want to get sucked into a WoW clone anyway.
Even if Bioware is developing it.
I really don't like the idea of company fandom though, just look at Valve.
Maybe I'm just too crazy, but it feels like Valve likes raping it's customers and then making "deals" on shitty games with little content that they probably put together in one night *COU-LEFTFORDEAD*
Then again, I'm an RPGfag.
It's hard just simply enjoying a game in my spare time alone if there's no story or personality to it, shooting the same preset model for 4-5 hours isn't my idea of fun.
Unless it's got horror and puzzles involved.
I like puzzles.
I really hope my sudden loss of interest in hardcore gaming isn't a sign of maturity, since that's just plain boring.
I'd rather have my gaming lifestyle end by a grenade blowing off my left thumb.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So my psych class started today... but I didn't go cause I felt sick. Sick with worry. And nausea. But mostly worry! Which was a little disappointing considering how I feel a little better now and haven't regurgitated anything still. I could have gone is my point here. So now I'm stuck at home, wondering if I should eat this sausage I just cooked or not, and pissed that I went with a guardian build in the game I was playing.
I should have been an evil fucker who abused lightning.
Ah well, at least I have... sausage.
I shouldn't eat it now that I think about it. It smells funny. And I think I left it out for a bit too long for my paranoia to let it go. I guess it's going in the trash can.
I kind of want Reese's Puffs.
Or maybe a maid to cook something for me. It kind of adds the "I didn't cook this myself" appeal to it. Then again, I could make a sandwich.
On a different tune I am really tired, I woke up at like, 11pm yesterday from a nightmare and now I could really use a nap. Or cocaine. By the way, I don't do cocaine. Fucks your shit up, DAWG. It feels like drugs and use of them have become a larger part of my life recently. Normally I never did anything, then I started drinking while I gamed, then I stopped, gamed less, and now smoke pot with various friends. Less and less often with them now, though. I find most other drugs distasteful, and don't actually fully approve of my friends doing them; hell, I can't really handle how a friend of mine started making weed his whole life.
Not that anyone listens to me, cause I hear things.
I could chalk it up to that fact and drop it, but I've saved a few friend's lives in the past by talking them out of shit, so it's hard to stop being the 'asshole friend' and just let them do whatever they want.
Maybe it's time to just let some friends go.
And to stop buying large amounts of pot with money I can't afford to waste.
This is the part where I rant about how I can change my whole lifestyle and fix myself into a behavior set which will let me be a good person, etc.
But fuck it. I really don't care that much about what others think.
Unless they're plotting to kill me.
Then I care.
I could also start doing these blogs in a better format that doesn't lead people to the conclusion I dropped out of school in grade 8.
But I won't.
Tee hee.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Vidya gaemz

So, I'm still awake, and bored. I'd normally find things inside my closet to talk to or stare at, but this day marks a new occasion! I'm going to geek out for the next few weeks. To start off, I think I'll engross myself in a really old interest... BUT BACK STORY FIIIIIIIIIIRST!
Star Wars. Pretty lame, really. I mean, lightsabers are physically impossible. 8th grade physics basically killed most of my interest in it. Force? Who gives a shit, there are cooler magic systems in games if you're into that anyway. Can the force create an explosive cow out of thin air and project it at a target at 60 mph? Noooooooooooooooooo. See, what's why you play BG2.
But, I was playing one of the many FPS variants in it off and on recently out of boredom. I hadn't beaten it and I only have an oldschool Xbox to play on at home. I'm poor. Fuck you. Anyway, I'm going to play a Star Wars RPG! Sounds lamer than a horse about to be put down? Maybe. But generally I play for storyline and whatever can keep my interest over what people think. Crazy people don't care what people think, good life lesson here.
I'm dead tired too. This headache has been killing me for days. Missed out on the... lovely... social aspects of Lewis' graduation party.
How do people expect me to interact safely with kids like that anyway? Lewis is an exception, but some of those children practically smelled of stupid.
Not that I care, I've gotten past the point of talking only to people with an IQ range of 130+.
Hi, I'm a fucking shark.
Just kidding, I'm only part shark, my fins are actually earlobes.


I haven't posted in forever! Well, not much is new, sometimes the flies bother me though. I try sleeping and all they do is yell and glow blue and orange. More like a combination of the two though. Blaringe. It's my word. You can't have it. Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. It also reminds me of oatmeal, which is what I wanted to eat when I first thought of it, but as always I want tacos. Mmmmmmmmmm. Caesar salad. I am/is/were/then/some drinking a DIET DR. PEPPER, WITH NO CAFFEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! It was exciting until I got tired. Now I want to make coffee... But the ground is littered. POSITIVELY LITTERED! With cracks. And since my family all seem to have back problems I just can't take the risk. :(
In other news, I do have unheated bathrobes in my closet. Which is exciting. Somehow.
Either way, the headache won't stop until I keep talking.
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap
Usually I still have naught to do, and Fran is away for 3 weeks in Italy. I wanted him to bring me back the mustache of an old pasta maker... but I think it needs it to ward off the demons moreso than me. After all, I am the ocean.
Lately, I've taken to putting all bottles in my home upside down to ensure a longer lifespan to any non-insects who intrude upon my castle. I could go for some burgers right now though. I never understood why McDonald's has a logo that makes people think of fries and molten lava though.
I has a banana. I'd take a picture, but I'm going to eat it. Alternatively, I could inject it into someone. I imagine they'd be really healthy. Potassium is good for you.
My grandma has a potassium deficiency, I wonder how many bananas she needs to eat? The pills are actually miniturized bananas. And heroin. Lots of heroin.
I'm bored now. And I want some ramen and coffee. I don't care how many dolphins I have to dismember to get it right now either. Luckily I have both on hand. Not Kobe Bryant though.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Losing my bloginity. Virlogity. Blivirty? Fuck this, it's a cherry of some sort.

Oh lovely day, I get to start this thing now. So... what do I type? I figure most blog-things are just for your average sad work-slave to complain about how their girlfriend/boyfriend dumped them for a carbon copy of your average scene-kid. They all aim to be androgynous anyway. Weird fuckers. Anyhow, aside from the font switching back and forth it's easy so far... Granted, I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to say though. See? The font is trying to piss me off. It's working. Whatever. I guess I'll talk about SOMETHING.
I was going to ask a friend to tell me wtf I'm supposed to do here, but he's worthless and afk. SO! ... Yeah... I guess I'll do this later. Shit sucks.